Motorcycle parking being raised to $1 per hour!!!!

topic posted Wed, April 29, 2009 - 1:08 PM by  Steven

DPT is trying to raise the price of parking tickets and meters in SF and one of the largest increases is to motorcycle parking (will go to from 10-25 cents to $1.00 per hour at all motorcycle parking meters in the city).

the board of SFMTA is having a special meeting tomorrow at 2pm in room 400 of City Hall to finalize their budget plan (and the increases) if your interested. After that, it's on to approval by the board of sups
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SF Bay Area
  • A slightly revised meter rate schedule (only a ~500% vs the initially proposed 900% maximum increase) was submitted to the Mayor for signing on May 1. Details can be found here:

    If the motorcycle meters outside my work are going to be $7/day, I am going to have to become a moped-hipster :) and park on the sidewalks. The problem is, I am having trouble finding "SEC. 219.2. SIDEWALK PARKING OF BICYCLES AND MOPEDS." in the DPT or SFMTA code. I hope that hasn't been removed.

    Can anyone point me at the law on an official website?

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